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The “Penas de Rodas” are two huge granite stones almost perfectly spherical, seated only on very small bases, which appear to be about to fall and roll out, quite impressive when you approach them.

The name “Penas de Rodas”, meaning “Stone Circles” comes from the natural location in the place of two granitic stones of considerable size, which overlook panoramic view of A Terra Chá  of great agricultural value from its high location (619 m.). Located in the middle of a pine forest, is conducive to rest and leisure.

En Gaioso, ollando a Chá
Hai duas penedas ergueitas.
¡Semellan non ser verdá
redondeces tan ben feitas!
As Penas de Rodas son
dous ollos alucinados
Que espían con atención
Ós eidos máis alonxados.
Si ambas penas se desfán
arde, co mundo, un tesouro:
¡unha pena é de alquitrán,
a outra unha trabe de ouro!
Non sodes, non, cantería,
ouh penas de encantamento.
¡Temo que calquera día
vos poida levar o vento.
Manuel María, poeta

Several legends are told about the place, refering to the large rounded stones almost perfectly spherical: one of them tells that one of the two stones is full of tar and if it broke, the whole area would flood.
Other says that one of the stones is full of gold, and that the one who manages to break it would find it and get rich.
The busy pilgrimage of Penas de Rodas is held here, on every Sunday immediately prior to August 12nd.

The origin of this type of stone formations is based on the biogeochemistry action of water on the granite stone, and is typical of Galicia and northern Italy.


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