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Caque or Baluros (sorcerers) lagoon, in the municipality of Castro de Rei. Although it is one of the best preserved lagoons of the region and with a variety of species throughout the year, access is restricted. There is no road or path that borders it, as it is intended to preserve it from the action of man.
The Caque lagoon is the result of the geological substrate and topography of A Terra Chá, which favors the slow flow of rivers and floods their banks and other areas of poor drainage. It is an environment that a has high ecological value for their reserves of flora and fauna, with more than a hundred protected species ecosystems.

Regarding tree species, it includes alder, willow, birch or oak, along with riverine forest, such as water lilies, rushes and bulrush. It’s also an area of wintering birds for much of the year.

 The Caque Lagoon is a unique ecosystem and certainly of great ecological interest because of the flora and fauna, here more than 100 protected species live. Focusing on vegetation, it includes water lilies, bulrushes and cattails, alders, willows, birches and oaks and, in less quantity, pine forests.
This natural area forms a wintering area for birds from the north. We can find all kinds of ducks to river chickens or herons, as well as various reptiles and amphibians.

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