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 Cospeito is the heart of the Terra Chá, with the implementation of a full electronic administration already underway, and at the same time thanks largely to its fairs. The “Feira da Maquinaría Usada e Artesanía” also includes antiques, and it’s an event that shows, with thousands of visitors in each new edition, that the economic engine of the town is livestock, a sector that provides employment to about 80% of the local workforce. Cows and pigs are the livelihood of many of its neighbors, so one of the most important fairs for the necessary progress of Cospeito is the “Feira do Cocho da Ceba” (Pig Fattening) (last Sunday in November), which has already successfully passed its silver wedding in 2013. The “Mostra Exposición de Muimenta” (Moexmu) is, as expected, one of the highlights of this municipality. This event, which remains the only contest of cattle across the province, turned 30 in 2014, thanks to the strenght infused by its neighbors, who despite the passage of time remain as enthusiastic as they were in the beginning. The “Festa da Filloa” was born beside this fair, originally created to raise money for it, and today is already an independent event in the festive calendar of the town.

The wetland Parga-Ladra-Támoga is a Communitary Landmark, formed by an extensive network of rivers, small lakes and flooded areas. Among all the lagoons, the Lagoon of Cospeito is the main point of interest. Any time is good to visit but autumn and winter are particularly interesting, given the presence of migratory birds from northern Europe.

Take a walk | Route


This route starts along the Interpretation Center of Laguna de Cospeito. The route runs along the lagoon and its area of influence, allowing us to discover the different habitats within it. The migratory birds that can be seen from the various ornithological observatories this route is equipped with are of special interest.


  • Duration – 1 Hour
  • Lenght – 3,4 Km.
  • Difficulty – Low




Any time is good to visit the Laguna and its interpretation center, but autumn and winter are especially interesting because of the presence of migratory birds from northern Europe, the interpretation center is a building that houses a number of panels and models especially built with a pedagogical purpose.

  • Duration – 2.5 Hours
  • Visual Learning
  • Accessibility

Mirador da Terra Chá



The lookout of Cospeito is situated at the highest point of the center of Cospeito, a few meters from the church of Nosa Señora do Monte, where you can get a complete picture of the Terra Cha with the lagoon in the foreground.

  • Duration – 1/2 Hour
  • View of the Terra Chá
  • Accesibility

Information and Contact



Avda. da Terra Chá, 29

Cospeito – Lugo

Tlf: 982 52 00 01

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