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Visiting any of the three rural houses located in the municipality, will allow visitors to enjoy the rich gastronomy of the area, leisure activities in contact with nature and, if desired, a surely deserved rest as well.

Several dining establishments scattered by the municipal geography will attest to the hospitality of its people and important culinary resources.

The center is located at the site of Bravos, belonging to the parish of Vicinte. The visit to this center allows visitors a journey through which you can get an idea of the poultry wealth from five continents, with particular emphasis on the Galician fauna. About 200 species of birds are exhibited. Located in San Martin de Guillar, Outeiro de Rei, it is a large natural area dedicated to animals, where we can relax and stroll observing a wide variety of species in semi-liberty. 
Zebras, bison, llamas, wallabies, reindeer and many more animals in an environment of great beauty and charm.

Located in Outeiro de Rei, next to the Town Hall, Casa-Museo Manuel Maria hosts and exposes to the visiting public the whole artistic and bibliographic legacy of perhaps the most prolific literary voice of the second half of the XX century: his personal library of over 12,000 volumes that make it one of the best private collections of Galician books and about Galicia, the poet’s famous collection of knives, a collection of paintings with works by some of the most important Galician painters contemporaries (Castelao, Maside, Laxeiro, Abelenda, Sucasas, Lugrís, Seoane, Leandro, Blas Loures …)









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