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The municipality of Cospeito is located in the heart of Central Biosphere Reserve “Terras do Miño” in Lugo. This territory, emcompassed by the upper basin of the river Miño, along with its peripheral rim mountainous territory was declared by UNESCO in 2002 as “Biosphere Reserve Terras do Miño”. In that environment, fed by the river Guisande from the Támoga whatershed, the Cospeito Lagoon is one of the most important water ecosystems of Galicia. It belongs to the “Natura 2000” network and was declared by the Ministry of Environment of the Xunta de Galicia as a “Natural Area under General Protection.” With an area of 74 hectares visible from the observation deck, the shoveler, wigeon and mallard, teal, water fowl, heron and curlews arrive here on their migration transit. Its waters and surroundings also host amphibians like frogs or newts San Antonio; River mussels, reptiles or mammals such as otters, sea urchin, roe deer, wild boars and squirrels. A place of enchantment and legends about the Virgin’s arrival to the village of Valverde, helped only by a very poor family, which later was amply rewarded; of the flooded town of Veria, whose existence is a mystery, or a shoemaker whose awl stuck at the foot of the Child Jesus, shedding blood to flood the whole village.

The arboreal vegetation consists of small forests of oaks, birches and willows, of great importance for nesting species such as mallards. Also, a small thistle (Eryngium viviparum) has on this wetland the best world population of the species.

Funerary Art

Archaeological Remains


Castro en Sistallo
Castro de San Vicente
Castro de Teixeiro
Castro de Torre
Castro Vila do Castro
Castro de Seixas
Castro de la Engrobias
Castro de la Pena
Castro de Goá
Alto de Castro
Castro de Pacio

Nosa Señora do Monte Chapel


Old building that underwent successive reforms, the most important in 1738 with the construction of the “cruceiro”. Rectangular plant with two porches on each side, made of granite and slate masonry.


  • Visit lasts 1 Hour
  • Accessibility
  • Historical Heritage

Pazo de Sistallo


“Pazo” (country house) facing  the door, at a distance from it. Estate with gardens and plant species from all over the world. Beautiful granite fountain on which stands a figure holding a legend.

Pazo do Sistallo

  • Visit lasts 1 Hour
  • Accessibility
  • Historical Heritage

Torre de Caldaloba


The “Torre de Caldaloba” (Caldaloba Tower) are the remains of an ancient medieval fortress, this building is considered since 1994 as a Site of Cultural Interest in the catalog of National monuments of Spain


  • Visit lasts 1-2 hours
  • Accessibility
  • Historical Heritage

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