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The “Rapa das Bestas” which has been held annually since 1969, coinciding with the last Sunday of June, takes place in an incomparable setting of great natural beauty, on the heights of Mount Campo do Oso, located between the parishes of Santa María de Bretoña (A Pastoriza) and Santa María Maior (Mondoñedo), where there are numerous herds of wild horses. On the “rapa” day, from early morning the boys gather large numbers of wild horses and amid great expectation they select and catch them, and then mark them with fire and cut their manes. Normally showy fights occur as they are horses that are removed from their natural habitat and are enclosed in “curros” depriving them of freedom to which they are accustomed. In the afternoon they take place the draw of a horse and an exciting horse race, finishing the day with a popular dance until the wee hours of the morning.

The neighbors cooperate in an event that this year will include stallions fighting, males who run herds. Conditioned by the mists, farmers meet on Saturday to gather the cattle near the “curros”. When visibility permits, in the morning they will go after them and lead them to a fenced enclosure. In a melee, farmers of different ages bring the cattle down to cut their manes and mark those born in recent months.


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