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Castro de Rei has a few pleasant and quiet places for a walk like the area of the fluvial club, located on the banks of the river Azúmara outside the village. During summer one can swim in the calm river waters. You can also approach the parish of Triabá by land consolidation tracks crossing through Matodoso to admire one of the last places where the river flows through the municipality, very emblematic from the hydrological point of view of the county. The river Miño in this parish diverges into two branches and converge again after a few meters. On the island that this river forms when it diverges, there is a recreational area from where you can admire the beauty of the gentle passing of the water. It’s the Triabá recreational area. Shortly after this natural event you can find the place of Vaxunga. This point is reached on foot following the course of the river downstream. But following the regional route, after Castro Riberas de Lea, nature surprises us again with another of the seven wetlands of Terra Chá, the Lagoon of Caque, hidden among timberline, you can visit on foot or by bicycle, heading toward a path that leaves the right side of the road. If you pay some attention you can be delighted with a whole life documentary on the lake from the observatory prepared just for that.

Birds Museum

Hiking trails


Ruta do Azúmara

Linear path that runs more easily starting from the Archaeological Museum of the Castro de Viladonga, a circumstance that should be used to visit one of the references of Celtic life in Galicia. From here during the descend we can enjoy a spectacular view of A Terra Cha, while the forest of birch and alder will gradually cover us until we arrive to the Lugar de Monelos, where we may contemplate a phenomenal set of civil architecture including the “Pazo de Fontexón”.

  • Duration – 3 Hours
  • Length – 7 Km.
  • Difficulty – Low



Lake in the heart of A Terra Chá in Lugo that, like others in the area, is rich in its diversity, both in flora and fauna, especially ornithological fauna. There is a gazebo to watch the birds in their daily lives, this is a unique ecosystem and certainly of great ecological interest because of the flora and fauna, here more than 100 protected species live. Focusing on vegetation, we may find water lilies, bulrushes and cattails, alders, willows, birches and oaks.

  • Duration – 2 hours
  • Natural Resource | Observatory
  • Accessibility



From Quintela, taking the local road that goes towards the parish of Bazar, you can see the work of a miller. The place is called Veiga de Acea and the mill still works the same way that it did a century ago. Its owner looks after him carefully, and he likes to give a warm welcome to his visitors and talk to them.

  • Duration – 1 hour
  • Natural Resource
  • Accessibility



Former facilities of the arsenical pyrite mine Toxeiros Vellos (in the parish of Goberno), rehabilitated until the mouth of the gallery that was blinded in the Forties.

  • Duration – 1 hour
  • Natural Resource
  • Accessibility

Other geolocations and information of natural resources


Área Recreativa do Lea

Club Fluvial Castro de Rei


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